Agricultural/Home Economics Education

  • Vision Statement

Towards producing professionally qualified Agricultural and Home Economics teachers for enhancing food security in Nigeria and the globe.

  • Mission Statement

Department of Agricultural and Home Economics Education intends to achieve its vision through production of skilled and innovative graduate teachers, Educational Research, Services to serving teacher, Developing and planning curricula for all levels of education, proving social services that can complete favourably in the globalized market, organizing seminars, conferences, Workshop for enhanced professional competencies and disseminating of knowledge.

  •  Historical background and philosophy of the department

A.        The Department of Agricultural Education started as a programme in College of Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology and Extension CAERSE) under the department of Agricultural Extension and rural Sociology. The Department assumed full status in 2005 with the Head of department as Prof. J. U. Okorie. The first batch of students was admitted into the Department in 2004/2005 academic session.

B.        At inception, the department had four (4) Academic Staff, a Professor, one Lecturer I, one Lecturer II and an Assistant Lecturer. The staff strength of the department has grown since inception to Seventeen (17) academic staff. Two Professor, three Senior Lecturers, one Lecturer I, Seven Lecturer II, two Assistant Lecturers and two Graduate Assistant. Student enrolment from inception has risen.

In 2011, the department was re-named department of Agricultural/Home Economics Education because of the introduction of Home–Economics Programme.

  • Objectives of the Department

The Department seek to achieve the following objectives; to

1.         Provide educational/training opportunities to individuals (young men and women). Interested in pursuing teaching as a profession especially in the disciplines offered by the department.

2.         Strengthens the capacity of potential teachers of Agriculture and Home Economics at all levels of education.

3.         Further generate confidence in the potential teachers for quality teaching and learning.

4.         Produce on regular basis professionals who will replenish the manpower needs (resources) in schools both within and outside.

5.         Offer training and re-training opportunities to serving teachers who need to update their knowledge and competencies in the teaching profession, through varied programme (Seminars, workshops, conferences and in-service-courses).

6.         Undertaken research in various fields of education to disseminate same through such programmes as workshops, seminars conferences, in-service course, publication in journals and books etc.

7.         Promote the philosophy and ideas of teaching profession in Nigeria through successful implementation of National Policy on Education.


Head of Department Agricultural/Home Economics Education