Education Management

Brief History of Department of Educational Management

  • The Department of Educational Management was curved out from the Department of Educational Foundations, which was established through senate approval on 4th of June, 2014. Educational Foundations was made up of the following programmes: Adult and continuing Educational, Educational Management, and Educational Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Programmes.
  • The Department of Educational Management emerged from the Department of Educational Foundations on 2nd of October, 2015 by Senate resolution and Professor M.N. Modebelu was made the pioneer head of the Department. The Department housed 3 major programmes: Business Education, Economics Education and Educational Management.

Programme Objectives

i.                    Train, transform and empower educational managers by bringing forth from within (inner faculty) the capabilities that enables them think design solution to life challenges.

ii.                  Provide highly motivated, conscientious and efficient education managers for all levels of the education system.

iii.                Equip educational managers to fit into the social life of the community and society at large.

iv.                Encourage the spirit of enquiry and creativity in education managers.

v.                  Provide educational managers with the intellectual and professional background to make them adapt to changing situation in the life of their country and in the wider-world.

vi.                Develop skills and knowledge to educational managers to manage the educational system; and

vii.              Prepare workers of various categories in the educational industry for further studies in management.



Head of Department Adult Education